About Company

Suiser Makine

Our company was established in 2008 intending to manufacture machinery for hazelnut and other dry nuts. The main targets of our company; is to present precise and high quality machines, to provide reliable after sales services and to present the possible best prices in line with the quality.

After an extremely short period of time our company became a demanded company due to the high satisfaction of our customers. All of the products manufactured by us are approved by the Ministry of Industry and are covered under guarantee for two years against the production faults. In case on any failures the experienced personnel of our company will be at your disposal at a short notice. Additionally, you can reach and state your problems and demands from our company for 24 hours a day.

Our company is continuously innovating its machinery line ever since its establishment date, targeting continuous quality improvement. We have the self devotion for flawless and quality workmanship starting from design until the end of the production, in all aspects for the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Mission

Keeping pace with technology, prioritizing customer satisfaction, using permanent solutions instead of temporary methods.

Our Vision

Without any foreign source dependency; in the automation solutions branch; making research and developing, production, installation and softwaring with our engineering practices, quality of work and references, becoming the leading company of our industry is our vision.